Containership in Tacoma, Washington State, US

Maritime clips

Here’s a short selection from the hundreds of shipping articles I’ve written while covering the west coast of North America, including California, Oregon, Washington State, B.C.(Canada) and Alaska:

* Kyle Washington: The Prince of Tides (BC Business)

* Escape from the 91st Floor (9/11)

* Armada Rescues Trapped New Yorkers (9/11)

* The Ship That Will Not Die (New Carissa)

* B.C. longshore casuals take a beating

* Fight over Arctic shipping routes

* Crossing the Columbia Bar

* Stranded for nine months in Vancouver Harbor (Globe and Mail)

* Sailing To Shanghai: How I crossed the Pacific on a containership

* What the Truckers’ Fight Is All About (The Tyee)

* Summaries of my articles on U.S.Transportation Research website (Search “Alison Bate”)


* Double Trouble: Exxon Mobil slow to build double hulls

* Death by Lifeboat: Safety drills may cost your life

* The Oil Detectives: What’s killing California birds?


I edited two maritime magazines (in Canada and the U.S.) and wrote a regular column on maritime safety for three years. My articles have appeared in The Globe and Mail, BCBusiness magazine, Marine Digest, The Journal of Commerce, Maritime Magazine, Shipping & Trade News, Containerisation International, among others.

2 thoughts on “Maritime clips

  1. Julie H. Ferguson

    Wondered where you were and how you’re doing. Sorry to hear the cause of the silence, but happy you’re back.
    I’m now a Gramma to an eight week old g-daughter, Ariana. Sold my first simple video yesterday. And, today did my first real photo shoot for money!!!
    Still writing ++travel articles.

  2. alisonbate Post author

    Hi Julie

    Greetings from Hanoi. Congratulations on baby Ariana!

    Yes, my website was on, but hackers got into lots of Dreamhost server accounts, including mine, so I had all sorts of strange traffic coming to my website. Have now moved back to, which is simpler and have fortunately lost all the unauthorised traffic.

    Just got home after teaching business writing this morning. Major downpours at this time of year, so everybody is caped up to the hilt on their motorbikes and scooters, including me!




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