The eerie past at Bokor Hill

By Alison Bate I went up a mountain today, and came down much the wiser. It was a glorious sunny day in Kampot, too hot as usual, and I hoped it would be cooler at the top of the mountain. As we started up the winding road to Bokor Hill station, our Cambodian driver/guide said… Continue reading The eerie past at Bokor Hill

Sailing in Pelegrin in the Gulf Islands
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Gabriola Pass without an engine

"You won't get any thanks for this, you realize?" My brother-in-law John is talking to Mickey, a Gabriola Island buddy with a 35-foot sailboat and the willingness to tow us home. "Not the damsels-in-distress routine, you mean?" "God, no, that's not going to work. Won't go over at all well." Gill and I are on… Continue reading Gabriola Pass without an engine

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Preparing the Tet trees in Hanoi

I live in Au Co, near the orchards and flower market, and the main road right now is a manic mess of motorbikes, flower sellers on bikes, and walking and moving trees. It's just days before Tet and everyone in Hanoi is buying a kumquat tree for good luck in the coming Lunar New Year.… Continue reading Preparing the Tet trees in Hanoi

Pix motorbikes in hanoi
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No. 132 passes the motorbike test in Hanoi

By Alison Bate I’m finally legal, after five months of zoom-zooming around Hanoi. Yesterday, I went to pick up my Vietnamese motorbike license, after a long, tortuous but entertaining ride. Like nearly everyone here in Hanoi, I’ve broken rules that I wouldn’t dream of flouting in Canada. I’ve ridden my Yamaha Nuovo daily without a… Continue reading No. 132 passes the motorbike test in Hanoi