4 thoughts on “Armada rescues trapped New Yorkers (9/11)

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  2. Ralph Gundersen Jr.

    I have over 3 hours of footage from 9/11/01 I have the buildings on fire and the first one falling the whole boat lift from the Dory Barker which I worked on at the time .I walked up to site with my camera before building 7 went down and after boat lift .I returned to site on 9/14 with the Army core of engineers where my brother works to ground zero some of the footage is from that day .I never did anything with the tapes I feel now is a good time take people remember. We have a whole generation which has no idea .

    1. Alison Bate Post author

      Hi Ralph. Sounds fascinating. If you do put any of your footage online, please let me know. I’m happy to link to it. Ali

      1. Ralph Gundersen Jr.

        Thank you I just seen response I was trying to find Dory on list of tugs involved in don’t see it i do see the other boat in my company at the time the Barker boys

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