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Speaking about Sudan novel at Vancouver Public Library

By Alison Bate Hi! I'll be joining four other authors at the Vancouver Public Library this Sunday to talk about my upcoming debut novel. The novel's set in Sudan, where I taught English for a while, and tells the story of three very different women confronting their individual fears. Fatima, the second of three wives,… Continue reading Speaking about Sudan novel at Vancouver Public Library

Pix of Bint el Sudan and workers at W. J. Bush & Co. (Nig) Ltd. factory in Kano, Nigeria

My Bint el Sudan story in Brownbook

My story about Bint el Sudan's factory in Kano, Nigeria, with great pix by photographer Khalil Halilu, is in the January-February issue of Brownbook magazine. Brownbook is an urban guide to the Middle East, based in Dubai, U.A.E. For more information about Bint el Sudan, see the following: * Surprise in the Souk * Memories… Continue reading My Bint el Sudan story in Brownbook

Pix motorbikes in hanoi
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No. 132 passes the motorbike test in Hanoi

By Alison Bate I’m finally legal, after five months of zoom-zooming around Hanoi. Yesterday, I went to pick up my Vietnamese motorbike license, after a long, tortuous but entertaining ride. Like nearly everyone here in Hanoi, I’ve broken rules that I wouldn’t dream of flouting in Canada. I’ve ridden my Yamaha Nuovo daily without a… Continue reading No. 132 passes the motorbike test in Hanoi


Where to buy Bint el Sudan in North America

I've had various emails from folks asking where they can buy Bint el Sudan in Canada or the U.S. As far as I know, it's not produced here, but I've met a very nice Sudanese lady, Lubna Ali, who sells Sudanese products, including Bint el Sudan, here in Vancouver, Canada. I have no commercial stake… Continue reading Where to buy Bint el Sudan in North America

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Ancient Kashgar destroyed for “safety reasons”

Uyghur men in Kashgar souk By Alison Bate When I visited Kashgar just over three years ago, I was disappointed at first. The road in from the airport passed concrete roundabouts and boring buildings typical of the modern Han Chinese city. There was even a giant Mao statue close to the bus station. While Kashgar… Continue reading Ancient Kashgar destroyed for “safety reasons”

Camel driver in Mygoma, a suburb of Khartoum, Sudan
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Teaching in the Muslim World

My story about teaching in Khartoum, Sudan was published by Transitions Abroad. Here's the full story: By Alison Bate Shortly after I arrived in Sudan, one of my favorite male students quietly passed me a handwritten note, whispering that I should read it later. After class, I read a charming explanation that because he was… Continue reading Teaching in the Muslim World