Bowen Island’s Olympic moment

By Alison Bate It was dark and sleepy as I drove down to Snug Cove at 5:30 a.m. yesterday, but every house had its lights on. I parked the car, offloaded my bike and pedalled across the cool damp field to Snug Cove. I passed walkers with their headlights on as I trundled across the… Continue reading Bowen Island’s Olympic moment


Online tips at Bowen Island writing festival

By Alison Bate I learned about Freemiums and Long Tails on Saturday while moderating a panel at the Write on Bowen festival on Bowen Island, near Vancouver, B.C. As traditional media outlets struggle to make money on the web, panelist Lisa Manfield said Freemium was one way for companies to adapt. Freemium involves promoting services… Continue reading Online tips at Bowen Island writing festival


Bowen Island’s festival kicks off

"I'm one of those people who embellishes everything," Vancouver Poet Laureate George McWhirter told the first-ever festival for the written arts on Bowen Island this weekend. "I can't leave anything alone," he said, before launching into a series of poems on opening night at Cates Hill Chapel. McWhirter's memories as a small boy, seeing oranges… Continue reading Bowen Island’s festival kicks off