Bint el Sudan, my grandfather. . .and me

My grandfather E.E.Burgess, left, and another W.J. Bush agent in Africa

On a trip that took me to Africa, I found my grandfather’s lasting legacy—the continent’s signature scent—in a market in Sudan.

This story “The Bint Formula” was published in the December 2009 issue of Reader’s Digest Canada magazine.

For more information about Bint el Sudan, see the following:

* Surprise in the Souk

* Memories of Bint el Sudan

* 36 bottles of Bint el Sudan

* The history of Bint el Sudan (on Perfume Projects’ website)

* Where to buy Bint el Sudan in North America

5 thoughts on “Bint el Sudan, my grandfather. . .and me

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  2. Bev Brown

    So I have to say. One day I was working & happened to be at a Dr’s office & read the article about Bint El Sudan. Firstly I really appreciate the Readers Digest & secondly love “Perfume” scented candles & the like. However I forgot the name of “Bint El Sudan” AAAGGGHHH. However about a month later I am agian aat the same Drs. office & re read the article.I promptly asked for a pen from the front desk & wrote down the name of “Bint El Sudan”. Now the journey begins. To Google this item it is very elusive & difficult to track down. So I think because my sister is going to Saudi Arabia to nurse the perfume should be easy to access there. Nope no way.
    Thus begins my journey of this scent that has me intrigued. I have a daughter that is tenascious & very focused when something needs to be figured out. i tell my daughter of the article that I read & how much it intigued me. My daughter Kayla is able to track down “Bint El Sudan”. Wow I received it in the mail today & it is by far the most pleasant experience of all of the scents I have experienced. Tonight I was responsible for driving & picking up my girlfriends for our weekly get together. The minute they got into my vehicle they commented on how nice I smelled.
    I will covet these two tiny little bottles that I received in the mail & hope that the women of the Western Hemisphere will be able to experience this scent.
    I do attend an incredible shop to have my nails done every two weeks & do believe that I can convince them to sell this product in their shop. Let me know what I can do to introduce this product that your ” Grandfather” discovered. And thank you to my daughter “Kayla in Chase” that allowed me this most incredible experience of the “Scent”
    I would love to asssist in any way I can to promote “Bint El Sudan”
    I would love to have bottles on hand to sell & promote.

    Thank you to my daughter “Kayla for an incredible birthday present of two bottles of “Bint EL Sudan”

    Bev Brown

  3. Sophia

    I have a blog on African aromatics and would like to do a feature an Sudan. Is it possible to read your article on line? I do not have access to your article. Any information on Sudanese traditional perfumes would be much appreciated.


    1. admin Post author

      Hi Sophia

      I can’t post the story online as Reader’s Digest hold the copyright to my article, but can send you a copy by email. Good luck with your blog!



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