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My Site C story published

My feature Fighting for Peace Valley has just gone online at  Cascadia Magazine, with some great photos by Jennifer O’Keeffe.

In August, I visited the Peace Region in northeastern B.C. with two friends and talked to long-time residents fighting against the controversial Site C dam project. These included Yvonne Tupper from Saulteau First Nations, farmers Arlene and Ken Boon, and horse breeder Esther Pedersen. I also spoke with West Moberly chief Roland Willson, dropped in on the court case to hear B.C. Hydro’s arguments and finally, visited the dam site itself.

As the project enters its fourth year of construction, one of the last chances of stopping it rests on a court case that finished Sept.7 in B.C. Supreme Court. A ruling is expected some time in October (2018).