Two articles I wrote shortly after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre have been reprinted in a 10-year retrospective.

Tugboat rescuing people escaping collapse of Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001
The tugboat Kathleen Turecamo rescues people from Lower Manhattan (Penn Maritime photo)

The first one, Armada rescues trapped New Yorkers, was based on extensive phone interviews with tugboat owners from Reinauer Transportation and Moran Towing, as well as officials from U.S. Coast Guard Activities New York and Vessel Traffic Services New York.

The second article Escape from the 91st Floor is based on an interview with Claire McIntyre, a staffer with the American Bureau of Shipping, describing her dramatic escape from the north tower of the World Trade Centre.

Both articles were printed in Marine Digest magazine, a Seattle-based magazine I formerly edited, now called Cargo Business News. The retrospective can be viewed or downloaded. My 9/11 articles start on Page 17.